Torquay Skip Hire

Skip Hire from Just £99!

Try the newest Skip hire company in Torquay
we wont let you down!

  • All Sizes of Skips from 2t (1.5yd) to 12t (10yd)
  • Only company in Torquay with 7t (5yd) skips
  • Family run business dedicated to our clients satisfaction
  • Commercial and Domestic clients welcomed
  • FREE metal collection and we can also collect cardboard

Skip Hire Sizes Available

Red - 2T (1.5yd) - Height: 2.5ft Width: 4.2ft Length: 6.1ftRed – 2T (1.5yd)  Yellow - 3T (2.5yd) - Height:  3.1ft  Width:  4.2ft  Length:  6.1 ftYellow – 3T (2.5yd) Pink - 4T (3yd) - Height:  3.1ft  Width:  5.2ft  Length:  7.7ftPink – 4T (3yd) Green - 6T (4.5yd) -Height:  3.5ft  Width:  5.4ft  Length:  7.3ftGreen – 6T (4.5yd)
Multicoloured - 7T (5yd)Height:  3.10ft  Width:  5.2ft  Length:  8.3ftMulticoloured – 7T (5yd) Orange - 8T (6yd) -Height:  3.4ft  Width:  5.10ft  Length:  11.3ftOrange – 8T (6yd) Purple - 10T (8yd) - Height:  4.3ft  Width:  6.2ft  Length:  11ftPurple – 10T (8yd) Blue - 12T (10yd) Height:  4.4ft  Width:  5.10ft  Length:  11.6ftBlue – 12T (10yd)

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Our Skip Hire Area